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GEELY EMGRAND EC7 1.8L, is elaborately designed and created through three years’ cooperation of GEELY and international famous companies. It is an authentic “global car”, for its absolute compliance with Euro Standards enables it to meet the requirements of the highest technical standards and the strictest regulations. And in all the aspects, including the “aesthetics, power, comfort, intelligence, safety, environmental protection and quality”, Geely’s 10 years’ experience in car manufacturing are represented with the latest technique and highest level. And the core brand value of EMGRAND, “Chinese intelligence, Universal quality”, gets manifested on it.

As to its appearance, EMGRAND EC718 collects together the outstanding points of various excellent models. It is 4,635 mm long, 1,789 mm wide and 1,470 mm high, and its wheelbase is 2,650 mm, primarily the mainstream dimensions at its vehicle grade. It looks stable and generous as well as fashionable and dynamic. A dynamic, stable and integral body frame is outlined by three characteristic lines, thoroughly displaying a distinct theme and appropriate harmony.

As to its comfortable level, its 2650 mm wheelbase makes EMGRAND outstanding, and provides it with generous interior space. Its interior trims are beige and gray, comforting the user’s eyes. And its backlight is dark blue, offering the user tranquil and clean feelings. No matter its tiny parts, such as the soft wiper blade and the single common button for anti-pinch window lift control, or its components, such as its four airbags and two side air curtains, as well as its skylight, navigation, automatic air conditioner and its feather seats, are all in high-end configurations. The idling noise inside the car is only 39 db, comparing favorably with other car makers.


Steering wheel

">int 1

The adjustable steering wheel is smooth touching. Its hand holding part fits

your hands very well, which is full of user-friendly design.



">int 2

The structure of seat is designed according to human body curve, which
can promote the driving comfortableness and decrease driving fatigue. It is
supplied by US Lear and of world-class quality.

Anti-glare inside rear view mirror

">int 3

It can effectively reduce the interference to drivers from headlamp
illumination of rear vehicles, ensuring the driving safety.

Greeting pedal

">int 4

It increases aesthetics element to the whole car and reduces the wear rate of
related part when getting on or off the car.


Air-inlet grille

 ">012    Chromeplate air-inlet grille
     Shield air-inlet grille welted
with loricae is robust and steady,
manifesting the confidence and
excellence of the drivers. Ample
air-inlet port ensures sufficient
air, improves operating life of
the engine and air convection
inside, thus increase effect of the
air conditioner.

Combination of Front Lights


Diamond Crystal Lights
Valeo product, supplier for Audi,
Toyota Crown, with quality and
confidence guarantee.
Perfect combination of
adjustable height, auto-light
sensor, LED high strength turn
light, auto spotting lights and
Follow Me Home delay function.




 Front Bumper

">001Energy Absorbent
Front and rear bumpers are
filled with composite foam
cotton and H-shaped anticollision
steel beam to
absorb and relieve the
impact force. The
streamline body guards thesafety of passengers and



Foglight, Daytime running lights

Foglights of EC718 with">014
international standard are
juxtaposed with DRL to
function a maximum
advantage. Its super penetration
ability greatly improves the
visibility in all weather
conditions, including rain, fog.
Offer you a relaxed journey.




 Rearview Mirror


Big rearview mirror
Electrical control rearview mirror
that can F/R folded provides
expansive rear visual field.
LED turn light
 Three-dimensional LED turn
light is easy to discern with high
brightness, enabling drivers at
side or back to know the
situation and improving the
safety of driving.




Profile of the Body

">003Fleetlined shoulder: perfect streamline is in accord with principles of
aerodynamics as to reduce the windage resistance. Design is elegant and
Axe Curved Surface: fully making use of the principles of aerodynamics
to reduce the windage resistance. The artistic exterior manifests the high
quality and extraordinary taste of the car.





 Rear Modeling

">002European short trunk
Infused with design elements of European
luxurious cars and aerodynamics and
engineering aesthetics. Echoing with the
shield-shaped face, demonstrating its
Smooth rear bumper
Mellow and full, installed with H-shaped
high strength anti-collision beam and
vibration-absorptive materials. A
combination of appeal and security.

            Tapering trunk cap and chrome plate trim
Clear and concise line of tapering trunk cap,
chromeplate trim integrating with the side
line enhances the harmony and uniform of the
entire body.

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